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Tifecta Paper

Pick the horses to come 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

The Tote Trifecta is sometimes overlooked but it’s a bet that could yield a big win.
As of October 2017, the Tote Trifecta paid an average of €549 for a €1 stake on Irish Racing.*

What is the Tote Trifecta?

To play the Trifecta pick the horses to come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order in any race with three or more runners. Play for as little as 10c. Continue reading “Bet Like A Pro – Trifecta”

Bet Like A Pro – Super Trifecta

The Tote Super Trifecta is an often overlooked bet type but it’s a bet that could yield a big win. Understanding when to play specific bets is crucial to your long term success. The Tote Super Trifecta is a bet that punters might overlook due to its perceived complexity. In truth, it is not a complex bet and the Tote Super Trifecta can be easily explained. This bet type provides a huge opportunity for punters to win big every Sunday. The Super Trifecta pool is on Race 6 at the Curragh this Sunday and with a current rollover of nearly €5,000, the dividend could be huge! Continue reading “Bet Like A Pro – Super Trifecta”

Bet Like A Pro – Tote Placepot


With two interesting looking jumps cards at Punchestown and Fairyhouse this weekend, why not have a go at landing a nice win with the Tote Placepot?

Before Christmas I covered some of the multi-leg bets that Tote offers and this week I’m going to take a look at the Tote Placepot – my personal favourite multi-leg bet. The Placepot can seem complicated but it is much easier to get a grasp of compared to the Pick 6 or the Jackpot as your selected horses don’t need to win, they just need to place in a race. Continue reading “Bet Like A Pro – Tote Placepot”

Bet Like A Pro – It Pays To Look At Trends & Statistics


There a lots of different methods to use when choosing what horse to back in a race. Every punter will have their own approach to finding a winner and it can be a tough task. As the old saying goes, if it were easy then the bookies would be out of business long ago.

As punters, the information to help us find horses that have a chance is at our disposal but there are so many pieces of information to analyse, it can be difficult for the average person to go into the level of detail required to find winners on a daily basis. Not everyone can glance at a paper just minutes before a race, assess the form and make an informed decision on a horse’s chances. Continue reading “Bet Like A Pro – It Pays To Look At Trends & Statistics”

Bet Like a Pro – Pick 6

Bet Like a Pro will tell you everything you need to know about the Tote Pick 6 and why it could pay to play.

It is worth noting that to the make the most of your chances at the Pick 6, you need to invest some time. Choosing the best selections can take a little time but remember, playing just a single line offers very little protection and it often pays to make multiple selections to increase your chances of striking it lucky.

(If you don’t want to go through the selection yourself, just choose the Quickpick option and have the horses chosen for you!)

Continue reading “Bet Like a Pro – Pick 6”

Play The Tote Pick 6 Like A Pro


We are expecting the first ever One Million Euro Pick 6 pool next Sunday at Gowran Park following a huge rollover from Irish Champions Weekend. Saturday’s Pick 6 at Leopardstown was not won and over €110,000 rolled into the Curragh on Sunday. The pool swelled to over €432,000 on the day and, following Order Of St. George’s shock defeat to Wicklow Brave in the Irish St.Leger, the pool rolls to Gowran Park next Sunday. With huge interest already being generated we could be in for a massive pool and, more importantly, a massive payout for Tote customers.

Before we start it is important to acknowledge that the Tote Pick 6 is a difficult bet and Sunday’s card at Gowran Park is already shaping up to add to the difficulty. It requires a lot of preparation, significant investment and plenty of good fortune. Your bet needs to reflect the complexity of the particular situation; this stands true with the Tote Pick 6. In reality, a single line gives you very little protection and with so much money on offer this Sunday it’s imperative that several horses are selected in some races.

(If you don’t want to go through the selection yourself, just choose the Quickpick option and have the horses chosen for you!)

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