Bet Like A Pro – Super Trifecta

The Tote Super Trifecta is an often overlooked bet type but it’s a bet that could yield a big win. Understanding when to play specific bets is crucial to your long term success. The Tote Super Trifecta is a bet that punters might overlook due to its perceived complexity. In truth, it is not a complex bet and the Tote Super Trifecta can be easily explained. This bet type provides a huge opportunity for punters to win big every Sunday. The Super Trifecta pool is on Race 6 at the Curragh this Sunday and with a current rollover of nearly €5,000, the dividend could be huge!

When is the Tote Super Trifecta?

The Tote Super Trifecta is run in the sixth race at a designated meeting every Sunday. If there are multiple Irish meetings on a Sunday the location of the Tote Super Trifecta race will be announced on Friday after declarations are made and can be viewed here.

How do I play the tote Super Trifecta?

To play the Tote Super Trifecta just find out where the pool has been sent on our rollovers page and place a Tote Trifecta bet like you would for any other race.

Straight Trifecta – Pick the horses to come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order. This is a good option for races with smaller fields where there is a short priced favourite. This will cost the same as your stake:

€1 Straight Trifecta Horse 1, Horse 2 and Horse 3 = €1

Tifecta Paper

Combination Trifecta – The most common way to play the trifecta a combination trifecta allows you to pick as many horses as you fancy and if they finish first, second and third in any order then you have a winner.
As there are multiple lines Combination Trifectas do cost more than a Straight Trifecta. For example, a €1 Combination Trifecta would cost €6 as there are three selections but six possible winning combinations.

What is the difference between the Tote Super Trifecta and the Tote Trifecta?

In short, pool size. As the Super Trifecta is based on one race every Sunday, the rollovers from the week’s racing are up for grabs in the designated Super Trifecta race.

Why is the Tote Super Trifecta Pool bigger?

The reason the Tote Super Trifecta Pool is bigger is because the pool builds up every time there is racing through the week. If there is a Tote Trifecta rollover from any Irish race during the week 50% of the pool will roll to the next available race six. The other 50% will roll straight into the Tote Super Trifecta pool on Sundays. The only exception to this is that the rollover from any race six will go to the Tote Super Trifecta pool.

You can follow the progress of the Tote Super Trifecta pool on our rollovers page.

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