Gary Halpin – The Season So Far

Things are going well for me so far this season, we’re still waiting for things to get in to full swing but after the Guineas next weekend things will start to get busier. So far, I’ve ridden four winners but I’ve had plenty of places too so I can’t complain. I’m getting plenty of rides from lots of different trainers so I’m going ok.

I’ve ridden for 22 different trainers so far which is probably a bit more than usual at this stage of the season but I’m happy because I’m getting plenty of support from lots of different people which is always a good thing. I need a few more winners to get before I lose my claim and that is an ambition but I don’t want to focus on that, I just want to take every ride as it comes and we’ll see how things are at the end of the season numbers wise.


Spin 1038 race day
Gary after winning on Beechmount Whisper at Leopardstown in April


4yo Winners

Luckily I’m riding some nice horses and a lot of the horses I’m riding are 2yo and 3yo who are yet to come into themselves. A lot of them would be maidens who will come on as the season progresses. So far, there hasn’t been too many races for those type of horses but those races will come as the season wears on and the better races like the 3yo handicaps appear on the calendar. I’ve ridden three 4yo winners this season and I suppose the reason for that is the 4yo are a little further along and are a bit hardier than the younger horses I’ve ridden. Experience counts for a lot but as I said, as the season wears on those younger horses will get that experience and will hopefully progress. When the 7 furlong races appear on the cards then the 2yo will start to run a bit more, there hasn’t been too many of those races yet but they’ll start appearing after the Guineas and the full season gets going. Some trainers are still on a fact finding mission with their 3yo to see if they’ve trained on.

Gary With The Boss Kevin Prendergast After Aared Wins At Naas

Guineas Weekend

Guineas weekend should be great and it’s something to look forward to. I’ve been riding work on a few for Amanda Mooney who has got a few nice horses from Jamie Osbourne and they look to be nice so hopefully one or two are pencilled in for next week and hopefuly the boss, Kevin Prendergast, has one for a handicap that I could get on. In terms of the Curragh itself, I think they’ve done a really good job with what they have to work with. The track is in fantastic condition – probably the best it’s been in for a few years. Last weekend was the first racing it’s had all year so the ground is perfect and fair play to the Curragh because with all the work going on at the track itself, the ground and the place itself is in great order. Last weekend was a learning process for the track and I think they’ve done a great job. The owners and trainers were well looked after and I think once they are happy then everyone is happy! Beforehand, there were a few concerns about the weigh room being a bit small but in fairness they looked after everyone and everything was done professionally which is great to see. The track is fresh and they’ve maintained it perfectly, I suppose the late start to the action in the Curragh has meant that instead of maybe 400 horses having run on the track at this stage of other years – only around 100 have ran on it this season so the ground will be spot on for next weekend’ s Guineas.


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