Bet Like A Pro – Tote Placepot


With two interesting looking jumps cards at Punchestown and Fairyhouse this weekend, why not have a go at landing a nice win with the Tote Placepot?

Before Christmas I covered some of the multi-leg bets that Tote offers and this week I’m going to take a look at the Tote Placepot – my personal favourite multi-leg bet. The Placepot can seem complicated but it is much easier to get a grasp of compared to the Pick 6 or the Jackpot as your selected horses don’t need to win, they just need to place in a race.

Playing The Placepot

Similar to the Pick 6, the Placepot requires you to choose horses in races 1-6 and while that seems easy, it can prove tricky to get 6 horses to hit the frame in consecutive races. Much like the Pick 6, multiple horses can be chosen in every race if you wish to give yourself a better chance of landing the pot. It is worth remembering that as with all Tote bets, the money is pooled together and paid out as a dividend amongst all winning punters. This can work in your favour as you might be the only person to win the Placepot and you can take the full pot yourself!

This weekend, there is a guaranteed €15,000* Placepot to play for at both Irish meetings. That’s guaranteed money before anyone plays the Placepot! With a bit of luck the pools can swell to three or four times that amount meaning there is great payouts to play for.


How to Play the Placepot

Race Number Horse Number
Race 1 3
Race 2 2
Race 3 1
Race 4 4
Race 5 6
Race 6 1

Selected stake: €1

Pick a horse (or multiple horses) in races 1-6. Choose your stake and then multiply it by the amount of selections you have in each leg. The Placepot above is staked for €1 and is multiplied by the amount of horses on each line which is 1 meaning the total cost of this bet is in fact €1.

Calculating the Cost

The beauty of the Placepot lies in the fact that if, for example, you choose two horses in the first race and both of them finish in the places then you have a chance of landing the Placepot “twice”. This means that if your other selections make the frame in the other races then your dividend will be paid twice. Let me explain a little further.

Race Number Number of Horses
Race 1 2
Race 2 1
Race 3 3
Race 4 2
Race 5 1
Race 6 2

Selected Stake: €1

Multiply number of horses you pick by each other: 2 X 1 X 3 X 2 X 1 X 2 = 24

Multiply this figure by your selected stake: 24 X €1 = €24

This Placepot cost me €24 in total but I staked it for €1. So if, for example, both my horses in the last race finished in the places then I would have the Placepot up twice meaning I would get the total dividend two times. Similarly, if I had three horses place in the same race and one placed in all other races, I would get the dividend three times.


If one of your sections is a non-runner then your money will be put onto the SP favourite instead. In the case of joint favourites, your money will go onto the favourite with the lower race card number e.g. Horse Number 3 and Horse Number 8 are joint favourites and your selection in the race is a non-runner, your money will go onto horse number 3 instead.

What Counts As A Place?

The number of places depends on the number of runners in the race:

Number Of Horses Horse Number
1 – 4 1 Place
5 – 7 2 Places
8 + 3 Places
16 + Handicap Races 4 Places

It is important to note that this bet runs from race 1 through to race 6 and you must have at least one horse that finishes in the places in each race otherwise the bet is gone. The bet must be placed before the start of the first race and if you’re lucky enough to have a winning Placepot bet, you will get paid once the Tote dividend is announced after the 6th race.

Bet Like A Pro Placepot Tip

Placepot players are more likely to select favourites or fancied horses in the betting when they’re making their selections. Remember, the money goes into a common pool and shared amongst the winners. The more people that win, the lower the dividend is. It may well pay to select horses that aren’t fancied to win the race but can still run well and finish in the places in a race. In my experience if a favourite unplaces in just one or two races on the card then the Placepot dividend can be quite high.

This weekend sees racing action in Punchestown and Fairyhouse, there are big fields in a lot of the races and the ground is quite poor. It may be worth leaving the favourites out of your selections and taking a chance on higher priced horses. It just might prove to be a shrewd move. Pick some solid each way chances and leave the favourites out and you just might have a good chance at landing a nice payout. Remember, in a Placepot you don’t need your selections to win, they just need to place.

Good luck with all your bets and don’t forget to visit to place your bets and see all our great guaranteed pools and rollovers for this weekend’s action.


* Pool Deductions Apply On All Irish Pools

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