Bet Like A Pro – It Pays To Look At Trends & Statistics


There a lots of different methods to use when choosing what horse to back in a race. Every punter will have their own approach to finding a winner and it can be a tough task. As the old saying goes, if it were easy then the bookies would be out of business long ago.

As punters, the information to help us find horses that have a chance is at our disposal but there are so many pieces of information to analyse, it can be difficult for the average person to go into the level of detail required to find winners on a daily basis. Not everyone can glance at a paper just minutes before a race, assess the form and make an informed decision on a horse’s chances.

The Frustration of Missing Information

To get through all of the information required to properly assess a race takes an awful long time and even if you dedicate hours to a certain race – you still might not find a winner. I have often found that I’ve spent a significant amount of time reading the form, ratings and assessing the horse’s draw in a race only to find that just before the off, the race commentator will announce a vital piece of information that I missed, such as: “he might be favourite, but his trainer has only had one 3yo winner all year from 60 runners”.

I have spent 30 minutes reading form and telling myself that this horse can’t be beaten then in just a few seconds before the race I’m made aware of that vital piece of information that changes my opinion completely. I find out that this certainty I’ve found is no longer a certainty! If I had known this before I backed the horse, I wouldn’t have backed it and I would have gone searched for a horse with more value in its price. The horse I backed was favourite and finished in 7th place. The winner, returning at 10/1, was the ninth 3yo winner that his trainer had sent out from 31 runners. If I had known this information before the race it would have made me look at the race a lot differently and I would have reassessed my selection.

Making Use of Statistics

Information found in the Racing Post provides the reader with good information but to get more than the racecard form for each race the reader often has to trawl through the entire paper to find information about a particular jockey and trainer. Information relating to a particular jockey’s strikerate, their profit and loss (P&L) at a particular meeting and their P&L on a particular type of horse. This information, while available in papers, can prove to be very time consuming to find and assess in the minutes before a race. Luckily, this information is all available on website and is just a click of a button away. All the relevant information needed for every race, on every live card, is provided on the site.

The user can assess the form of a race and then delve deeper into the important statistics for each jockey and trainer in a race. Jockey course form, strikerate and my personal favourite piece of information – course profit. From reading this information I discovered that trainer Rae Guest enjoys sending runners to Wolverhampton, particularly 2yo, where he has a brilliant strikerate and has a very healthy profit level with his young horses.

While reading this information alone won’t provide you with winners, it can provide you with a bit more information to help you choose your selections with some extra knowledge under your belt. For example, discovering that a jockey and trainer that have teamed up both enjoy positive course profits, as well as enjoying a good strikerate with a 3yo runner may help you to find a winner at a nice price.

Where to Find Important Information

This information is available for every race at every meeting each day. So it may pay to do some extra reading when choosing your selections in each race.  The information can be found by clicking into a racecard on the site and clicking the race information bar at the top of the page. The arrow below shows how to access this information:


Below is an example of the information that you can find for each jockey in the race:


Here is an example of the information that can be found relating the each trainer in the race:


Exacta & Trifecta Probables

Also available on our site is the probable payouts for each race. Exacta and Trifecta probable payouts can be viewed for each race and can help to inform you of your returns if you fancy a bet in these markets. This information is available for every race each day.

Exacta & Trifecta Probables.png

This information alone won’t guarantee you a winner but it can help you to form a better opinion on a race and will provide you with important information that can make all the difference in your search for a winning bet.

As always, visit for more!


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