How To Play: Tote Placepot

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The Tote Placepot is a really great bet – a fun way to win very big for a very small investment.

If you’d like to try the Tote Placepot for yourself, we’ve put together this simple introduction on how to play…

The aim of the Tote Placepot is simple – pick the horses which will place in the first 6 races at a meeting. Regardless of how many races there are on the day, the Placepot is always for races 1 to 6.

Because Race 1 is always the first leg of your bet, you must get your Placepot selection in before the “off” of the first race.

With Tote betting, all money placed on the Placepot is pooled and the pool is then divided out between successful punters.  So if you are the only successful punter in the Placepot, you will have the winning payout (Dividend) all to yourself! *

Remember with Tote betting you are playing against other punters not the Bookie!

Playing The Placepot

To play the Placepot you simply pick which horses you think will place across the card, for example:

Race Number Horse Number
Race 1 3
Race 2 2
Race 3 1
Race 4 4
Race 5 6
Race 6 1

You don’t need to pick exactly where they will place just whether they will place or not. The above is an example of a one line bet i.e. you select one horse to place in each race.  If you want (and many people do) you can select more than one horse to place in each race.

Calculating The Cost Of A Placepot Bet

Calculating the cost of your Placepot bet is easy.  All you have to do is multiply the number of horses you pick in each race by each other.  Then multiply this figure by your selected stake.

For example:

Race Number No. of horses selected
Race 1 2 horses
Race 2 1 horses
Race 3 3 horse
Race 4 2 horses
Race 5 1 horse
Race 6 2 horses

Selected Stake: €1

Multiply number of horses you pick by each other: 2 X 1 X 3 X 2 X 1 X 2 = 24

Multiply this figure by your selected stake: 24 X €1 = €24

The minimum cost to play the Placepot is €1. That can be €1 for a single line or 10 lines for a €0.10 stake.

Where there are no winners of the Placepot the pool will be rolled over to the next selected race meeting.


If one of your sections is a non-runner then your money will be put onto the SP favourite instead. In the case of joint favourites, your money will go onto the favourite with the lower race card number e.g. Horse Number 3 and Horse Number 8 are joint favourites and your selection in the race is a non-runner, your money will go onto horse number 3 instead.

What Counts As A Place ?

The number of places depends on the number of runners in the race:

Number Of Horses Horse Number
1 to 4 1 Place
5 to 7 2 Places
8 + 3 Places
16 + Handicap Races 4 Places

Bet Tip

Remember if you have more than one of your selections placed in any race you can win the Placepot dividend more than once!

Ready to try? Just visit: and the best of luck!

*Note: In Tote betting a standard share unit is €1, therefore, if you stake €0.20 that counts as 20% of a share.  So if you win with a €0.20 Placepot stake you will receive 20% of the Dividend.

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