Tote Super Pick 6 Selections – Gowran Park 24th April

After a tricky couple of weekends at Curragh and Navan the Tote Super Pick 6 pool will start at €114,892 for Sunday’s meeting at Gowran Park. It looks a competitive card on Sunday with plenty of runners but that only increases the chances of a massive win. I would probably recommend a higher spend than our notional €100 here considering the likely size of the final pool but rules are rules so here are my selections:


Race 1: 7. Schubert, 8. Short Stacked, 15. Landikusic, 16. Waitaki

Race 2: 7. Mzuri, 11. Va Pensiero

Race 3: 2. Cresendo, 3. Three Majors, 12. Texas Radio

Race 4: 1. Bocca Baciata

Race 5: 1. Balcony, 6. Etched, 10. Shamreen

Race 6: 1. Beechmount Whisper, 3. Honor Oak, 5. Takeachanceonme, 11. Ciankyle

Total cost: €96


Best of luck with your bets!

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