Bet Like a Pro – Tote Super Trifecta

During the this series of blog posts we have discussed  the correct techniques to use when playing the Tote exotic bets but this isn’t the only way to have an edge over the crowd. Understanding when to play specific bets is crucial to your long term success. The Tote Super Trifecta is a bet that passes most of the general public by and can seem too complicated to understand. But bear with me, the Tote Super Trifecta can be easily explained and provides a huge opportunity every Sunday, which is probably the best place to start.

When is the Tote Super Trifecta?

The Tote Super Trifecta is run every Sunday, race six to be precise. If there are multiple Irish meetings on a Sunday the location of the Tote Super Trifecta will be announced on Friday after declarations are made and can be viewed here.

What is the difference between the Tote Super Trifecta and the Tote Trifecta?

In short, pool size. The Tote Super Trifecta pool has been €18,631 on average since the start of 2016 and bigger pool mean bigger pay-outs! The average Tote Super Trifecta pay-out so far this year is €1,900 for just a €1 stake. This includes a monster pay-out of €11,964.50 at Leopardstown on the 28th February. When compared to the average Tote Trifecta pay-out without the Tote Super Trifecta of €421 in 2016 it is pretty clear that you should be playing the Tote Super Trifecta.

Why is the Tote Super Trifecta Pool bigger?

The reason the Tote Super Trifecta Pool is bigger is because the pool builds up every time there is racing through the week. If there is a Tote Trifecta rollover from any Irish race during the week 50% of the pool will roll to the next available race six. The other 50% will roll straight into the Tote Super Trifecta pool on Sunday. The only exception to this is that the rollover from any race six will go to the Tote Super Trifecta pool.

You can follow the progress of the Tote Super Trifecta pool on our rollovers page.

How do I play the tote Super Trifecta?

To play the Tote Super Trifecta just find out where the pool has been sent on our rollovers page and place a Tote Trifecta bet like you would for any other race. If you are looking for some tips on how to play the Tote Super Trifecta read our Play Like A Pro series on the bet here:

Bet Like A Pro (Part 1)

Bet Like A Pro (Part 2)

Bet Like A Pro (Part 3)

Also this weekend we are happy to offer our Tote Rewards customers Double Points On All Tote Trifecta Bets. For more details click here

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