Six Tote Placepot Tips To Win Big at the Cheltenham Festival

With pools over £1,000,000 daily and pay-outs as high as £44,616 in the last two years the Tote Placepot is one of the most appealing bets of the Cheltenham Festival. gives customers the chance to play for these huge pools daily from the comfort of your home. Tote also offer customers the chance to play for the giant Scoop 6 Pools every day of the Festival on with the current rollover heading in Tuesday’s racing of £1,227,736!

The Tote Betting Strategy Blog has outlined some great methods to use when playing multi-leg bets which are worth a look but today we look at six simple tips to help you play the Cheltenham Tote Placepot:

  1. Stretch your budget

The Tote Placepot pools are massive every day of the Cheltenham Festival, with over£1,000,000 on the line daily. If you have a limited budget, consider using the 10p (€0.13) minimum unit stake, you will only be playing for a tenth of the pool but you will have ten times the number of lines. Over four days racing as competitive as this you can use all the selections you can afford.

2. Think multiple places

A commonly forgotten point about the Tote Placepot is that having multiple placed horses in a race means that you will have multiple winning lines in the end. If you have one horse placed in legs 1-5 and three horses placed in the final leg, you win the dividend three times! So don’t just key in on bankers, find something else to be placed in the race too. Races like the Arkle, which throw up small fields, give you a great opportunity to stack up multiple winning lines.

    3. Don’t be put off by price

The Cheltenham Festival is the most competitive week’s jump racing of the year and as a result big price horses will be of a much higher quality then you are used to seeing on a daily basis. If you like the chances of a horse running a big race trust your judgement, this is a week where standing out from the crowd can find you great value and win you a lot of money.

4.Be careful of win only prospects

Remember that the aim of the Tote Placepot is to find horses that are placed, there are no bonuses for finding the winner. With this in mind be careful selecting win or bust horses like Sprinter Sacre, My Tent Or Yours or Vautour. They all have huge upside and are capable of producing huge performances away but they equally have huge potential to bomb out and finish out of the frame. Look for horses, particularly in Grade 1 races, that will be ridden for a place i.e. will let the main protagonists take each other on and wait until late to run on for second or third.

    5. Keep Willie Mullins outsiders on side

Willie Mullins undoubtedly has the strongest squad heading to this year’s Festival. This isn’t only because of the obvious superstars but also due to the depth of his squad. He will have multiple runners in many races, all of which would be good enough to be first strings for most yards yet the market will forget most horses not ridden by Ruby Walsh or Bryan Cooper. Last year horses like Wicklow Brave and Milsean ran huge races at even bigger prices, don’t discount this year’s equivalents based on jockey bookings.

6.Play Early

Mornings of a Cheltenham Festival day are always tense affairs, those at work are in a rush to make sure their duties for the day are safely out of the way while those at home nervously ponder what the racing Gods have in store. Either way, take some time in your morning ritual to fill out your Tote Placepot slip. Whether it is at your local bookmaker shop or on take care with your selections. With average pay-outs of £5,911 in the last two years, why not bet now at

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