Bet Like A Pro – Tote Trifecta (Part III)

We have spoken in depth over the past two weeks about the Tote Trifecta, showing smarter ways to spread your money rather than the traditional Tote Trifecta four or five horse box.  Most of our discussion has been about how to spread your money to give you the greatest chance of hitting the winning combination. Today we are going to talk about a slightly different approach, playing the Tote Trifecta aggressively to maximise your profit when you have a strong opinion in a race.

The reality is that Irish racing has been attracting less and less runners in recent years. The average field size in 2010 was 12.8 and has reduced to just 11 in 2014 or just 10.4 in jump racing. This coupled with the continued dominance of Willie Mullins have made many races unappealing from a win bet point of view. But what has been lost from a win bet perspective has created a fantastic opportunity when playing the Tote Trifecta.

What the current situation in Irish racing allows (and it will be for only a limited amount of time based on recent breeding and sales figures) is for you to approach these races aggressively with Tote Trifecta betting. If you fancy a favourite to win in a race with roughly six to ten runners the likelihood is that it will be a prohibitive price to back for the win. Instead look for what your next best in the race is and take an aggressive Tote Trifecta strategy with the two of them. For example if horse number 1 was the horse you expect to win and horse 3 was a lively outsider you could play;

€1 Tote Trifecta Combination 1/2/3 = €6

€1 Tote Trifecta Combination 1/3/4 = €6

€3 Tote Trifecta Combination 1/3/2, 4 = €6

€3 Tote Trifecta Combination 1/ 2, 4/ 3 = €6

This way, the only combinations that don’t involve the members of your short list are those where 1 and 3 aren’t involved. Instead if they both finish as you expect then you should end up with 4 winning combinations.

This aggressive method of play means that you aren’t just chasing a single big pay-out, by having the correct combination several times you are making the pay-out big yourself.

There will of course be many occasions where a horse from outside your short-list makes the frame and ruins your bet but the key is that when you do hit, make it count.

This concludes our look at how to best play the Tote Trifecta. Here are the main takeaways from the past couple of weeks;

  • The Tote Trifecta is a more complex bet than most, requiring you to read the entire race, not just what you think will win. But the rewards are huge and it is most definitely a bet worth investing time and money in.
  • Move away from four of five horse Tote Trifecta combinations, it suggests that you think they all have the same chance of coming in each position. Make your bets reflect your actual opinion of what will happen in the race.
  • Don’t be afraid of having a strong opinion on one horse, it will give you greater freedom to cast the net wider for the other placings.
  • If you think you have the race narrowed down, play aggressively and make it count when you are right.

I hope you have enjoyed the articles on the Tote Trifecta and if you want to give some of the methods described here a go this weekend we are pleased to offer a 10% Bonus on Tote Trifecta winnings this weekend. Full details and T&Cs can be read here.

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