Welcome! – New Betting Blog from Tote Ireland

Welcome to Tote Ireland’s new betting strategy blog. Here we will aim to walk you through the our range of products, not just to show you how to play them but how to make profit from them. This is not a tipping service (though we may chat about some horses here and there) it will be a guide to show you how to play the Tote pools most efficiently and maximise your profit.

First of all let’s get this straight, Tote is not a bookmaker; it is a pool betting company. “What’s the difference?” I hear you say? Well, a couple of important things actually:

Crowd Listowel  Photo: Patrick McCann 18.09.2015
Photo: Patrick McCann

1) We don’t determine the price you get, the public do.

Let’s take win betting as an example. Rather than set the odds based on our reading of the race and adjusting those prices depending on demand for each horse as bookmakers do we pool all the money bet on horses to win together. Then when the result is known the pool (minus our 20% retention in this case) is divided between all winning bets. The price therefore is made by dividing the pool by the number of winning bets.

This means that in an age where it is harder and harder to get an edge with the bookies thanks to betting exchanges, social media and their seriously advanced customer analysis, we give you an opportunity to get an edge if you stand out from the crowd.

Photo: Caroline Norris

2) Because we are a pool betting company, we want you to win.

Traditional “good results” for bookmakers of outsiders winning make no difference to us. In reality, we would rather every favourite wins, so more people would win and maybe play with us again. That’s why you can trust us when we tell you how best to play our products.


A bit of background on me;

  • I work on Product Development for Tote Ireland.
  • I do enjoy a bet on racing, but I’m not a professional gambler.
  • I do some tipping occasionally on our podcast, but I’m not a professional tipster.
  • I don’t bet on the Tote as contractually I can’t but thanks to my job I know almost everything there is to know about the products we offer.
  • That means that every day I see people playing Tote bets ineffectively through poor strategy.
  • I should also add I’m no maths whizz, I couldn’t stand it in school. As long as you can handle basic arithmetic and a few percentages you will be able to follow.

Some Tote bets have a reputation of being difficult to win, they really aren’t particularly on Irish racing. Once you know how to approach them correctly you’ll be surprised how often you could hit Exactas, Trifectas or even a Placepot, Jackpot or Pick 6. We will go through strategy a bet at a time in this blog and will also do a strategy plan for every weekend on a Friday and a review on a Monday.

There is space to comment below and I’d love to hear anything you have to say or any questions you might have and I will do my best to answer.

The first strategy blog will be up soon but to get you started you can check out our betting guides.

On Monday’s we will also be providing weekly value reports looking back at where the best value was to be had with Tote. Tote doesn’t pay better every time but we are proud of the occasions that it does and want you to know about it.

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